J&J Communications, LLC

Serving The Telecommunications Industry For Over 30 Years

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About us

J&J Communications started out in 1989 doing coax upgrades for cable tv systems so they could upgrade to High Speed Internet. We helped build the first High Speed Cable system that used coax cable for its download and uploads were completed via phone lines. We then moved into fiber hybrid systems upgrading to fiber fed nodes feeding coax plant.

From there we went on to FTTP builds in Malibu, CA, Spliced and tested fiber SCATA systems for the Wind Farms in IL, CA, & WA. After all of that we started doing maintenance work on networks all over the US. This included storm repair, Network outages due to damaged fiber, Fiber audits,and day to day fiber node inserts.

Along with our fiber work we were also doing sweep and certification projects all over the US along with noise mitigation. We brought High Speed Wireless Internet to a rural area in Ohio that could not recieve any other form of High Speed Service. We built 7 towers serving over 300 homes in a Tri County area.

J&J Communications will perform consulting services, design and deployment services, project management and other needs for new clientel.